How Often Should You Dry Clean A Suit Jacket Or Blazer

A suit jacke or blazer may be a staple item for work, or part of a uniform. Most of the time you’ll see that these structured garments should not be machine washed as they can lose their integrity. That being said, certain lifestyle and environmental factors can determine the frequency of having your outerwear professionally cleaned.

You may not think about washing a suit jacket or blazer that often as it may not get as dirty as your shirt or pants. If you’re exposing your garments to certain environmental and lifestyle factors, consider having your garment dry cleaned at least every month.

Environmental factors that can make your garments smell or discolour include:

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Pollution/ Haze
  • Rain / snow
  • Oils and grease

Lifestyle and natural factors that can make your garments smell or discolour include:

  • Wet foods such as sauces, curries, soups, and coffee
  • Wearing garments inside nightclubs where drinks can spill on them
  • Smoking when wearing your garment.
  • Sweat or body odour

If you find yourself prone to the above or constantly exposed to factors that may cause your garment to discolour or smell, Ashby’s Dry Cleaners recommend having your garment professionally dry cleaned monthly.

Let Ashby’s Drycleaners take care of your garment for you! With complimentary pick up and drop off, you can spend your valuable time doing the things you love with your family and friends! 

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